📷 Photography

Hey there! I'm Val, and you'll find on this website most of the pictures that I took since I got my camera in 2017.

I shoot with a Panasonic LX100 because it's lightweight and compact while still having manual controls for most settings I care about (and also the fact it shoots 4K video even though that's irrelevant for what you'll see on this website).

This allows me to take it with me pretty much everywhere without it being a big commitment, and I can carry it strapped around my chest while I hike or walk around without it bothering me, while being able to draw it in a matter of seconds if I need to.

Even though I don't get the quality and versatility that a solid DSLR with a couple of lenses would deliver (particularly zoom length and depth of field), it's still pretty fucking good if you ask me, and the fact it enables me to have a proper camera in my hands in situations where I would likely not have bothered bringing with me a full DSLR setup is definitely worth the tradeoff.


🍺 Beer

P1050987 P2540432 P2540952 P2580426

May 2020

⛰ Ouareau Summit

P2680620-Pano-0 P2680620-Pano-1

February 2020

⛷ Backcountry Tremblant

P2660765 P2660779 P2660792 P2660833-2

October 2019

🏓 Ping Pong IPA

P2650973 P2650979 P2660025

🌲 Chalet

P2650826 P2650863 P2650888 P2650921

🍁 Montreal, view from Busbud

P2650569 P2650586 P2650587 P2650588

September 2019

⛰ Marcy Dam (Adirondacks)

P2650428 P2650455 P2650498 P2650505

August 2019

⛰ Indian Head (Adirondacks)

P2650052 P2650056 P2650086 P2650124

🐠 Poisson Blanc

P2640651 P2640705 P2640738 P2640914

July 2019

🐠 Poisson Blanc

P2640352 P2640365 P2640415 P2640494

🌾 Brewing

P2640248 P2640253 P2640264 P2640272

June 2019

🦀 Gaspésie

P2630244 P2630568 P2630808 P2640104

April 2019

🏛 Paris

P2620798 P2620810 P2620822 P2620847

🏔 Grenoble

P2620763 P2620770

🇮🇹 Italy

P2620171 P2620261 P2620368 P2620462

🚲 Amsterdam

P2610496 P2610541 P2610605 P2610763

🏔 Vosges

P2610357 P2610360 P2610375 P2610403

February 2019

⛄️ Rawdon

P2600938 P2600956 P2600976 P2600984

⛷ Le Massif

IMG_20190217_133748-Pano IMG_20190217_134515-Pano

December 2018

🦌 Mont Saint-Hilaire

P2600503 P2600529 P2600544 P2600548

🍾 Embouteillage

P2600432 P2600448 P2600461

November 2018

🌊 East Newfoundland

P2600343 P2600355 P2600394 P2600402

❄ West Newfoundland

P2590714 P2590837 P2600039 P2600157

🌬 East Newfoundland

P2590006 P2590083 P2590569 P2590696

🌾 Brewing

P2580583 P2580615 P2580635 P2580637

October 2018

🏍 Montebello

P2580500 P2580502

🍁 Tremblant


🍂 Sutton

P2580027 P2580038 P2580104 P2580168

September 2018

🏍 Eastern Townships

P2570814 P2570822 P2570846 P2570855

August 2018

🐠 Poisson Blanc

P2570625 P2570693 P2570720 P2570735

July 2018

🏍 Rang des Pins Rouges


🏍 Tremblant


🧗 Ouareau

P2570471 P2570487

🏖 Mastigouche

P2570414 P2570423

June 2018

🐠 Poisson Blanc

P2560921 P2570056 P2570081 P2570309

🧗 Val David


May 2018

🏔 Alps

P2560226 P2560359 P2560454 P2560528

🏖 Calanques

P2550120 P2550173 P2550389 P2550507

March 2018

🧗 Weir

P2540750 P2540793 P2540797 P2540806

⛷ Le Massif

P2540731 P2540585 IMG_20180318_110954-Pano

❄ Magog

P2540274 P2540307 P2540432 P2540466

February 2018

⛏ Ice climbing

P2540110 P2540148 P2540177 P2540182

January 2018

🦙 Magog

P1080312 P1080415 P1080426 P1080451

September 2017

🎸 Epiphone Les Paul

P1080139 P1080140

🚠 Grenoble

P1050468 P1050667 P1050987 P1080118

August 2017

🛥 Annecy

P1040883 P1050047 P1050149 P1050252

⛰ Pic Saint-Michel

P1040742 P1040754 P1040764

🍷 Provence

P1040318 P1040464 P1040490 P1040553

July 2017

🏔 Road trip from Montreal to Vancouver

P1020139 P1020772 P1030160 P1040174

🚴 Petite Voie du Fleuve

P1010692 P1010718 P1010744 P1010907

June 2017

🚐 Magog

P1000991 P1010276 P1010335 P1010580

🎸 Fender Stratocaster

P1000879 P1000908 P1000935 P1000936

🚴 Lachine

P1000756 P1000760 P1000764 P1000782

🌊 Chutes

P1000680 P1000697 P1000710-Edit P1000747

🏙 Montreal

P1000593 P1000595 P1000600 P1000602

🐠 Poisson Blanc

P1000160 P1000187 P1000223 P1000379

🌳 Montreal

P1000012 P1000023