🌬️ East Newfoundland

November 2018

Cuckold's Cove.

P2580909 P2580927 P2580929

Cape Spear, easternmost point of North America, view from North Head.


Signal Hill.

P2580954 P2580956

Fort Amherst, view from North Head.


Open Saison On Crabapple, from the heights of Quidi Vidi Harbour.


St John's.

P2590061 P2590069 P2590083 P2590088 P2590091

The great YellowBelly brewery.


Waking up at Cape Spear.

P2590155 P2590188
La puissance de l'Atlantique.

Eastmost point of North America.

P2590225 P2590233

Trinity Bay.

P2590271 P2590273

Burgoyne's Cove.

P2590291 P2590315

Nut Cove Trail, B-36 plane crash site.

P2590324 P2590326 P2590329 P2590331 P2590333 P2590341 P2590374-Pano
Coucher de soleil au sommet.
P2590452 P2590455 P2590457

Wake up view on White Cove (Trinity East).

P2590471 P2590477

Hike in Skerwink. It's definitely one the dopest spots we've seen in Newfoundland.

P2590508 P2590515 P2590520 P2590527 P2590528 P2590531 P2590532 P2590542
Unstable Clif.
P2590543 P2590544 P2590546 P2590556 P2590559 P2590560
Found the high cliffs they were talking 'bout.
P2590564 P2590567 P2590569 P2590642 P2590646 P2590667

King's Cove.

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