๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Italy

April 2019

Drove from Grenoble to Torino on the 11th of April. The drive through the Alps on the D1091, by Oulles, Bourg-d'Oisans, Mont-de-Lans and La Grave, all the way to Briancon was incredibly gorgeous, but unfortunately we didn't have the time to stop for pictures, so I have no trace of that. I just wrote this paragraph to remember to go back and do that again (ideally on a bicycle or motorcycle).

April 11 & 12, Torino

P2610779 P2610798 P2610803 P2610808 P2610814 P2610819 P2610831 P2610838 P2610843 P2610850 P2610854 P2610859 P2610863 P2610867 P2610873 P2610879 P2610927 P2610928 P2610950 P2610954

April 12 & 13, Genova

P2610975 P2610977 P2610979 P2610993 P2610994 P2610997 P2610998 P2620005 P2620012 P2620020 P2620066 P2620071 P2620073 P2620076 P2620082 P2620119 P2620129 P2620147-Pano P2620153 P2620157 P2620161 P2620166 P2620171 P2620181 P2620186 P2620190 P2620192

April 13, Nervi, Portofino and Zoagli

P2620197 P2620203 P2620222 P2620230

April 14, Lerici

We woke up in Lerici, and while the weather wasn't the best, the village was still gorgeous. It felt a lot like Cassis, but in Italy.

P2620237 P2620238 P2620246 P2620256 P2620257 P2620258 P2620261

April 14 & 15 Pisa

While we were headed to Montepulciano early in the morning, we blew a tire. It was a Sunday, but luckily we were just next to Pisa (which we didn't plan to visit in the first place). So we stopped there to wait for the next day to find an open garage, and visited the city meanwhile.

P2620273 P2620276 P2620295 P2620296 P2620303 P2620308 P2620325 P2620328

The next day, we go to Punto Gomma, who managed to fix the tire in an incredibly short amount of time.


April 15, Montepulciano

We visited the city of Montepulciano, Tuscany during the day, and did a visit and wine tasting at the Canneto winery, which produces amazing natural wine.

P2620362 P2620364 P2620365 P2620368 P2620371 P2620391 P2620393 P2620394 P2620401 P2620405 P2620407 P2620412 P2620413 P2620414 P2620416 P2620418

April 16, Firenze

We arrived on the 15th at night near Firenze. We managed to plant the tent in a random olive tree field, which was a pretty nice and cozy spot to sleep in, especially with the low profile MSR Hubba Hubba NX military grade cover.


We then went to visit the city.

P2620446 P2620448 P2620450 P2620457 P2620462 P2620504-Pano

April 17 & 18, Venezia

P2620534 P2620535 P2620551 P2620554 P2620587 P2620604 P2620608 P2620618 P2620630 P2620633 P2620641 P2620654 P2620657 P2620663 P2620664 P2620670 P2620674 P2620675 P2620680 P2620681 P2620683 P2620694 P2620728 P2620732 P2620738 P2620739 P2620749 P2620754