❄ West Newfoundland

November 2018

Deer Lake Beach.

P2590714 P2590731

Gros Morne views.

P2590748 P2590750 P2590753

Rocky Harbour.

P2590756 P2590785 P2590787 P2590794 P2590805

Hiking Gros Morne.

P2590813 P2590814 P2590817 P2590818 P2590819 P2590820 P2590837 P2590840 Just chilln'. If you look closely, you can notice a bench under the pile of snow my buddy is sitting on. P2590848 Quidi Vidi 1892 sur glacier.

Heading to Trout River early in the morning.

P2590875 P2590876 P2590878

Trout River Pond.

P2590915 P2590918 P2590920 P2590925 P2590929 P2590959 P2590973 P2590984 Plage. P2590992 British IPA au crépuscule. P2600006

Spent the night at Lark Harbour.

P2600023 Nuit. P2600039 Jour.

Polar views while scaling Blow Me Down heights. Started on the "Nature Trail" but quickly decided to cut it straight to the top and get one more summit in.

P2600051 Weeball Island. P2600060 P2600068 P2600088 P2600092 P2600111 P2600114 P2600138 P2600157 P2600192-Pano Panorama au dessus des corniches de neige. P2600201 British IPA en mode détente sur les sommets de Blow Me Down. P2600229

This kind of views.

P2600232 P2600233 P2600235 P2600240 P2600242

Sunset on Beach Street, Stephenville.

P2600266-Pano P2600276 P2600280

Went to Cap Saint George for a hike the next day.

P2600297 P2600310 P2600313 P2600314 P2600327 P2600332 P2600333