🛥️ Annecy

August 2017

Wandering around Annecy, starting by the Pont des Amours.

P1040834 P1040850 P1040858 P1040871 P1040874 P1040880 P1040883

Rented a boat for a couple hours.

P1040890 P1040906 P1040911 P1040924 P1040925 P1040936 P1050015 P1050047

La Basilique de la Visitation.

P1050098 P1050144

Started a bike ride around Lake Annecy.

P1050149 P1050170

Hiked Mont Veyrier (1000 meters of elevation) in the middle of the 50 km bike ride. Biking is nice, but summiting is better.

P1050203 P1050213 P1050214 P1050229 P1050232 P1050233 P1050235 P1050236 P1050252 P1050254 P1050259 P1050264 P1050283