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Hey there! I'm Val, and you'll find on this website most of the pictures that I took since I got my camera in 2017.

Val taking a photo in a kitchen


I shoot with a Panasonic LX100 because it's lightweight and compact while still having manual controls for most settings that I care about. It also shoots 4K video which, while irrelevant for this website, is very useful for my YouTube channel.

Val taking a photo in the office

This allows me to take it with me pretty much everywhere I go without it being a big commitment, and I can carry it strapped around my chest while I hike or walk around without it bothering me, while being able to draw it in a matter of seconds if I need to.

Even though I don't get the quality and versatility that a solid DSLR with a couple of lenses would deliver (particularly zoom length and depth of field), it's still pretty fucking good if you ask me, and the fact it enables me to have a proper camera in my hands in situations where I would likely not have bothered to bring with me a full DSLR setup is definitely worth the tradeoff.


Feel free to use any of the pictures here for your own noncommercial work, just add a link to this website. ๐Ÿงก

For high resolution versions and commercial work, contact me!

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Val taking a picture on top of a mountain