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October 10, 2021, Mont Pinnacle

Brought a "Ta Moins Forte" by Lagabière at the top of the hike! I love how the colors of the can match those of the fall landscape behind it.

I've been drinking less alcohol lately, so with 3.8%, this session NEIPA was a perfect fit for me!

June 28, 2021, Poisson Blanc

June 14, 2020, Larouche

Nothing crazy but it's a beer pic, so it goes here. L'Escapade by Boréale, a Belgian-style witbier with 3.5% ABV, nice and refreshing sport beer during a climbing session. 😛


February 5, 2020, Tremblant

Yéti, a lager by Belle Gueule. I love the label! Was a perfect fit for this backcountry ski session in Tremblant.

Moar beer is always nice. This time a Blonde d'été en plein hiver.

October 15, 2019, Busbud

Ping Pong IPA by Pixel microbrewery, from the Busbud office during my last week.

October 13, 2019, Ouareau Forest

Akua by Le Bilboquet, an hibiscus IPA.

August 31, 2019, Indian Head, Adirondacks

Les Brasseurs RJ's new Rocket NEIPA. Nothing fancy, just a good NEIPA! That view though.


August 18, 2019, Poisson Blanc

Boldwin's Massif des Roses, playing with long exposure and light painting.


July 20, 2019, Poisson Blanc

Chronique de Mai by Benelux, for my birthday!


June 26, 2019, Carleton, Gaspésie

Super shitty weather, still deserve my beer on top of the hike. Can't have a view though because the fog is super thick. The Kiwiberry by Le Naufrageur, brewery of the same city. Extremely good smoothie ale with kiwi and strawberries.


June 25, 2019, Mont Sainte-Anne, Gaspésie

Took the Caribou Sure No.3 by Pit Caribou to the top of Mont Sainte-Anne in Percé, Gaspésie.

This beer is fancy as fuck, Dunham style, it's an assembly of sour beer and a Berliner Weisse, aged 18 months in pinot noir casks with extra hops, peaches and camerises.

Tasty as fuck, loved it.


June 22, 2019, Mont Albert, Gaspésie

Always drinking local, this Cuivrée au thé by La Barberie on top of Mont Albert in the middle of Gaspesie National Park.

December 23, 2018, Mont Saint-Hilaire

Took a homebrew on top of Mont Saint-Hilaire! The first version of the Session NEIPAnanas, a pineapple NEIPA.


November 26, 2018, Blow Me Down, Newfoundland

Had another one of those, this time to celebrate summiting the Blow Me Down trail. Great beer, fantastic views.


November 25, 2018, Trout River Pond, Newfoundland

Same spot, different beer. We ended the hike with that British IPA by Quidi Vidi.

P2600006 P2590992

November 25, 2018, Trout River Pond, Newfoundland

Another one of those big cans by Western Newfoundland Brewing Co., this time an Oat Heavy Pale Ale called Green Gardens Haze. Super strong cereal taste, I loved it.

I also love the fact they recommend on the label, to drink half the can, fish a trout, put the trout in the can, put the can on the fire, and eat the so cooked trout with another can of the same beer. Sadly, I didn't get to try this recipe as we didn't manage to fish a trout.

P2590915 P2590918 P2590929

November 24, 2018, Gros Morne, Newfoundland

While we couldn't go to the summit with the gear we had in those conditions, was still enjoyable to drink that 1892 Traditional Ale by Quidi Vidi brewery during the hike. It was so cold that some ice formed inside the can so we definitely didn't experience the full taste profile of that beer.


November 24, 2018, Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland

Got my hand on some western Newfoundland 1 L tall cans of extra malted oat heavy beers. Those were fucking delicious and I wish I could find them in Montreal.

This one is the Wild Cove Old World Pub Ale, a cream ale by Western Newfoundland Brewing Co.


November 23, 2018, Skerwink, Newfoundland

Quidi Vidi's Mummer's Brew on top of Skerwink hike. Super windy day, was a huge pain in the ass to take pictures of that beer because the wind would actually blow it down all the time. Also it was like 10 centimeters away from a huge cliff and I was 10 centimeters away from the beer, which if you make the math, is still pretty fucking close from the cliff.

P2590646 P2590667

November 21, 2018, Quidi Vidi Harbour, Newfoundland

Open Saison On Crabapple by Quidi Vidi brewery. Can hardly drink more local than that.


October 13, 2018, Tremblant

Dieu du Ciel's Été Indien, an extremely tasty mango beer that I'm a big fan of, from the top of Tremblant.


October 8, 2018, Bromont

Ironically, drinking Sutton Brouërie's Dindon Sauvage on top of Bromont. A dry hopped sarrasin Brett ale brewed in collaboration with Dieu du Ciel. The taste of this beer reminds me for some reason of the feeling/smell of picking raspberries in the mountain when I was a kid, and I'm sad it was a seasonal beer and they never brewed more of it.

P2580168 P2580211

July 1, 2018, Poisson Blanc

Unibroue's Éphémère Bleuet on the lake.


June 2, 2018, Col de la Charmette, Chartreuse

Génépi beer by the Brasserie du Mont-Blanc. You can't have a beer more alpine than that.


May 28, 2018, Dent de Crolles

Savored this Grimbergen Alliance de Pêches after hiking the Dent de Crolles next to Grenoble. Real tasty.


May 24, 2018, Cassis

Was sipping on that blond Affligem while boating around the Calanques. I spent more time on that shot that I'm willing to admit.


May 5, 2018, Vauvenargues, Provence

That iconic Leffe Ruby in the middle of Provence, next to waterfalls. Probably one of my favorite red beer, such a great balance between fruitness, woodsiness, without being too sweet.


March 3, 2018, Magog

Again in Magog, took a couple shots of that Belle Gueule Brassin des Fêtes in front a waterfall. First one with a long exposure, second one with a very fast one.

P2540432 P2540452

January 14, 2018, Magog

Belle Gueule Hefeweizen on the iced Magog lake. Refreshing, even though we didn't really need to be refreshed after that hike in snowshoes.


September 7, 2017, Croix de Belledonne

Took that good old blond Leffe all the way up the Croix de Belledonne, the biggest summit around Grenoble. Tastes fantastic at 3000 meters of elevation.

P1060085 P1060261

September 6, 2017, Lac de Monteynard

Classic Affligem in the lake.


August 23, 2017, Ermitage Saint-Jean du Puy

Nice good Leffe Triple on top of the hike in the middle of Provence. Tasty, strong and refreshing at the same time. Can't go wrong with Belgian beer.


July 23, 2017, Big Beehive, Banff

Together with the Summer Shandy box, we also got a box of those Coors Banquet. Not a great beer, but the spectacular view made it taste much better than it should have.


July 19, 2017, Centennial Ridge, Banff

Amazing hike in the Canadian Rockies, well deserved beer on top. For the story, we grabbed a huge box of those Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy at the duty free when crossing the border back to Canada, and I can tell you they were cheap as fuck, and super tasty and refreshing.


June 18, 2017, Sainte-Marguerite waterfalls

Went to the waterfalls with a couple friends. Classic Boréale Rousse, but great background.