🦀 Gaspésie

June 2019

In June, I went on a road trip with my mom and a couple of her friends around Gaspésie. We took the 132 road all the way around, starting by the North side.

I was riding my motorcycle, while they were in a car. For the story, I've had many issues with my motorcycle before this trip, especially a battery charging issue that I was struggling with since the beginning of the season, that turned out to be a toast stator and regulator that I got replaced just before the trip. The motorcycle ended up running mostly fine for all that trip, even though a couple of times it died and wouldn't start anymore unless I push start it, turned out it would start again after a little wait, and while I could never explain those, the new stator and regulator were doing a good job for sure.

I ran out of gas only once, where I was glad my mom and her friends were close by in a car with the gas jerrycan I had to get the last time I ran out of gas.

However the speedometer died about halfway through the trip, which meant the odometer died too, so I lost track of the travelled kilometers at that point. Overall, I think the whole trip was about 2200 km.

June 19, Parc national du Bic

P2630113 P2630120 P2630126 P2630128 P2630146-Pano P2630151 P2630157-Pano P2630166 P2630170 P2630174 P2630185 P2630193 P2630209-Pano P2630210 P2630215

June 20, Sainte-Luce

P2630244 P2630248 P2630265

June 20, Sainte-Flavie

P2630290 P2630300 P2630306

June 20, Matane


June 21, Gaspesie National Park

P2630352 P2630356 P2630357

June 21, Mont Olivine

P2630388-Pano P2630410-Pano P2630412 P2630418 P2630422 P2630426 P2630429 P2630462

June 22, Mont Albert

Decided to hike the Mont Albert, which was I think the highest peak around. It "just opened" the day before, and there turned out to be plenty of snow on top still.

There was a rope setup to climb the last part which was a nearly vertical snow wall, which was kinda sketchy as one of the poles holding the rope in the middle broke down so the rope was only attached to the top pole and was swinging around a lot.

A number of people seemed to give up at that point, which is why the summit was absolutely empty except for another climber that I saw from far away. It was also extremely windy.

P2630473 P2630481 P2630489-Pano P2630499 P2630503 P2630505

The landscape at the top was the last thing I expected. It was basically an immense flat altitude desert.

It was absolutely empty other than a couple of mountain goats far away.

P2630512-Pano P2630522-Pano P2630548 P2630557 P2630562 P2630568 P2630570 P2630578 P2630590 P2630596 P2630606-Pano P2630642-Pano P2630643 P2630655 P2630658 P2630667 P2630670 P2630672 P2630677 P2630679 P2630684

I then wend down by another path that did a loop to get back to the camp.

P2630694 P2630702 P2630703 P2630716 P2630727 P2630728 P2630731 P2630739 P2630742 P2630743 P2630746 P2630750 P2630752 P2630762

June 24, Forillon National Park

P2630767 P2630778 P2630792 P2630804 P2630808 P2630823-Pano P2630828 P2630835 P2630840 P2630873 P2630876 P2630882 P2630885 P2630893 P2630895 P2630899 P2630901 P2640011

June 25, Percé

P2640042 P2640054 P2640056 P2640095 P2640096 P2640098 P2640104 P2640112 P2640114 P2640121 P2640132-Pano P2640136-Pano-Pano P2640141 P2640160 P2640162-Pano-Pano P2640175 P2640193-Pano P2640199 P2640214

June 26, Carleton

The weather was trash when we arrived in Carleton, including the ride there, so I was pretty much soaking wet from riding for hours in the rain. It was still early in the afternoon, so I decided to go on a hike still. I rode my motorcycle in the rain on a long hilly and slippery dirty path to get to the start of the hike, where I prayed for the rain to not make the dirt soft enough for my bike to fall.

The hike turned out much longer than I expected, and I ended up coming back in the beginning of the night, riding in the dark still in the rain on that wet path to get back to the hotel.

Needless to say the weather was so bad that even though I went by a number of what were supposed to be point of view, there was literally nothing to see as the fog didn't let me see more than a couple meters ahead of me.

I still took a beer with me and attempted a couple of my classic beer shots at the summit.

P2640222 P2640226 P2640232