🥮 Magdelen Islands

July 2021

We've been a bit all over the place in a pretty random order, so for once, I'll arrange the pics by place instead of by chronological order.

Plage de la Dune de l'Ouest


Cap de l'Anse à Johnny

Started from chemin de l'Étang des Caps and walked around the cliffs, where we got pretty nice views.

P2740565 P2740570



P2740657 P2740664

P2740707 P2740715 P2740727

Butte à la Mounette

Very cool spot where we could get a far view of l'île d'Entrée.

P2740735 P2740742 P2740745 P2740746

I got a couple shots of the butte à la Mounette from the car a few days later.

P2750176 P2750177

Anse chez Élie

P2740756 P2740772 P2740759 P2740783 P2740793


Île Bourdeau

L'île Boudreau is a very thin rock formation between plage du Bassin Ouest and plage du Bassin Est (I like how names are straightforward in Magdelen Islands).

P2740811 P2740820 P2740821 P2740877

Plage de la Dune du Sud

This beach also features interesting rock formations.



By parking on chemin des Échoueries, we can see the phare du Cap-Alright as well as stunning views from la Plaque-Verte.


Butte Ronde

We went back to Cap-Alright and hiked the butte Ronde which gives a different view on the lighthouse and the Plaque-Verte area as well as the surroundings.

P2750091 P2750092 P2750107 P2750109


Then we parked on chemin des Montants and hiked the Plaque-Verte cliff itself where we could see the butte Ronde from far away.

P2750137 P2750145 P2750157

Belle-Anse near Fatima

P2750073 P2750077 P2750197 P2750206 P2750212

Boucle pédestre

Parked next to a stadium on chemin du Bassin.

P2750081 P2750085

Shipwreck near l'Étang du Nord

Next to a cliff around anse de l'Étang du Nord there's a shipwreck that we could see from pretty close by hiking around the beach.

July 15

P2750245 P2750272 P2750273

Views from the village on the other side.


Panoramic talus

Looking for more hills to summit, we found this unnamed panoramic talus near Fatima in between chemin des Caps and chemin du Grand Ruisseau.


Random road

A road that I found very pretty near Belle-Anse.



The ferry in the evening.

P2750366-Pano P2750367 P2750394 P2750397

Magdelen Islands from the sea

Yeah I could have photoshopped the cable out, but hey, you get to see the real thing. 😛

Île d'Entrée

Last picture of the trip, a bit of a longer exposure leaning on the guardrail of the ship!