🏔️ Alps

May 2018

After a good trip in the south, we head back to Grenoble for some solid hiking and climbing, starting by Lans-en-Vercors.


The same night we hike the Dent de Crolles to go camp on top.

P2560178 P2560190 P2560204
Seuls au cœur de la Chartreuse.
P2560226 P2560260 P2560275 P2560317 P2560324

We go for a multi-day in Belledonne, starting by Cascade de l'Oursière, and we setup camp a bit after Lac Merlat, close to the Refuge de la Pra.

P2560359 P2560371 P2560374 P2560398
Camping sauvage alpin, aucun signe de vie sur toute la chaîne de montagne à part les chamois et les marmottes.
P2560410 P2560415

We go by the Lac Longuet.

P2560422 P2560427
Les boyz au lac Longuet (gelé).

And Lac Leama.

P2560438 P2560440 P2560445

Finally we scale Chamrousse.

P2560451 P2560454
Summiting Chamrousse.

We keep going to the Lac Achard, where we camp for the night.

P2560477 P2560482

We get a nice view on the Taillefer on the way back.


We find a cool spot in the middle of Chartreuse, at the Col de la Charmette, to camp for the night.

P2560533 P2560558 P2560574

We spend the next day climbing on Falaise Saint-Egrève.

P2560592 P2560606 P2560607 P2560615

We're caught up by a big storm while the 3 of us just arrived on top of the wall, so we start rappelling in the heavy rain. It starts to hail when when my turn comes to clear the anchor and rap.

Another day, saw this pretty sweet MT-07 when hanging in Mont Saint-Eynard.