🐠 Poisson Blanc

June 2017

In early June 2017, we went to the Lac du Poisson-Blanc, where you can rent an island on the lake and go camp there, getting to it with canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and so on.

We went to the Paroi Éléphant spot which have the advantage of being right next to a crag right above the lake.

It took us a couple hours to get there, as the spot is 15 km away from the base camp. We arrived right before the sunset, and just had the time to plant the tents and light a fire before the sun went down.

P1000160 P1000187

The next morning, we visited more deeply the island. There was a path to hike to the top of the cliff, with a gorgeous view on the lake.

P1000216 P1000217 P1000221 P1000223 P1000252 P1000261 P1000267 P1000308 P1000317 P1000320

Later in the day, we prepared to scale the Paroi Éléphant. It features 3 sport routes (which we're equipped for). We went for the 5.8 one in the middle which is also the longest. We hiked again to the top, set up an anchor and threw the rope down for our friends to grab it from a canoe.

We could then belay each other on the top rope, from the canoe.

P1000334 P1000352 P1000361 P1000379 P1000458 P1000509 P1000555